Hardshore Distilling Co.

We Do Things a Little Differently

Hardshore Distilling Company is a different kind of distillery. We don’t obsess about what the other guys (and girls) are doing. We obsess about what they’re not doing. We are only interested in making spirits that have a purpose on the bar shelf, not just imitating the greats who have already earned their place there. We are constantly trying to coax new tastes and textures out of anything we can fit in our stills (and with a 1,200-liter Arnold Holstein still, we can fit a lot). We almost never rule anything out before we’ve attempted to distill it at least once. Sometimes once is clearly enough. Other times, a change in technique with the same botanical can produce a very different result.

In 2016, after nearly four years of tinkering and tweaking, we released our flagship product, Hardshore Original Gin. More products are in the works, but they’ll only be released when we’re convinced they truly stand out and will make the bar shelf a more interesting place.

Hardshore Original Gin, is a surprisingly multihued gin despite being made with only five botanicals. It is bright and distinctive with soft citrus notes and curious hints of iris, mint and rosemary. The neutral base is hand-crafted from grain grown on our founder’s family farm and provides a smooth, full mouthfeel which allows the gin’s distinctive flavor to unfold slowly with each sip. It lights up with tonic and makes an extraordinary negroni, but leave it all by its lonesome with an ice cube for a truly remarkable experience.

Hardshore Distlling Company
53 Washington Avenue
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 536.0592

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