Stroudwater Distillery

In Maine, Tradition is Always the Perfect Mixer for the Present.

Maine is the perfect place to be for the end of the world,” a friend once told me. “Everything happens in Maine, but it might take five years to get there.”

We take no shame in that, indeed, from where we stand, it’s a badge of honor. It means that up here in Maine, we are un-buffeted by the fickleness of fad and fashion, that our values of Industry and Thrift and Tradition and Heritage stay un-fooled around with.

In our historic towns and villages, the unspoiled bounty from land and sea and our finely hewn libations are modern culinary treasures—they have become our handshake to the world. So it is with one foot firmly planted in the past and our eyes trained on contemporary excellence that we offer our Rye, Bourbon, Vodka, Gin and Rum.

Housed in a renovated old brick train shed built a century ago, our unique tasting room is located on Thompson’s Point along the Fore River in Portland Maine. Featuring a full selection of cocktails, retail items (including bottles!) and guided tastings. The Stroudwater Distillery tasting room is next door to Bissel Brothers Brewery and Cellardoor Winery and across the street from Thompson’s Point concerts.

Stroudwater Distillery
4 Thompsons Point
Portland, ME 04102
(207) 536-7811

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